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1800s Ridge Tent

You’ve seen (probably) the 1700s Americas, where Indiginous tents were all the rage. Now, let us upgrade to the 1800s

Anti-summer Cooling Bed

Singapore heat? No problem. Watch as your pet snoozes comfortably on this cooling, waterproof bed that is both easy to

Bow Tie Studded Bed

Want something fancy to spruce up the room, all while giving your pet a nice place to sleep on? Why

Comfy Wicker Basket

Picture your pet in a basket. Imagine how cute that must be. Now imagine actually seeing that little pet of

Cozy Medium Sized Pet Villa

Cozying up in an anti-slip villa with a cushion with a cover within that can be removed and washed at

Donut Bed

Ever imagined our pets sleeping in clouds of donuts? You don’t have to do that anymore! Watch as your pet

Indigenous Tent Bed

Allow your pet to be transported over time and space to 1700s America, where the Indigenous people were living in

Kiwi/Banana Shaped Resting Pad

Do your pets love fruits? Well, even if they don’t, the comfort of this bed might change their minds. These

Monster Pet Nest Kennel

You normally would not want your pet to enter the mouth of a monster.. but in this case, enter at

Tatami Pet Bed

Japan comes to your pets! This Tatami-styled bed will have you evoking your trips to Japan, seeing the majestic Mount

Two Face Furbaby Bed

Have you been looking for a nice bed for your pet, where it can be used both in the aircon