Mr. Frankie Koh the Principal Dog Trainer of Petz Central is a much sought-after veteran Dog Trainer/Behaviourist who has been training dogs since 1988.

Dog Training since 1988. Trainer of Singapore 1st Obedience Dog of the Year 1989, he has trained under Australian, New Zealander, and British Instructors. He holds the Novice Obedience Judge‘s Certificate but has since retired from the Kennel Club circuit many years now. AVA/AVS Accredited Dog Trainer, Project ADORE Approved Dog Trainers. He is also a New Zealand certified Dog Groomer.

He served in the Obedience Committee of the Singapore Kennel Club from 1989 to 1991. As a pioneer batch Dog Agility Trainee, he was chairman of the Agility sub-committee and was responsible for the drafting of the Agility Trial Rules. During that period he also contributed articles to the club’s magazine dog talk.

Lester Chilli Padi - 1st SKC Obedience Dog of the Year 1989

After adopting an unruly Silky Terrier named Lester Chilli Padi, Frankie transformed him into a frequent Obedience Trial winner. In 1989, Lester won the title of Singapore's first Obedience Dog of the Year. Frankie's interest in Dog Training grew beyond the Choker Chain routine, as he sought knowledge on Animal Behavior Study, Dog Psychology, and every known technique in Dog Training and Behavior Modification.

Clicker Training

Way back in 1985 before he even took an interest in dog obedience training he was already training his Pet African Grey Parrot “Peppy” using the Clicker method. The bird could perform like a star in a Bird Show – Knod for “Yes”, Shake his head for “No”, Shake Hands, Wave “Bye Bye”, Kiss, Play dead, Come (in flight) when called. He could also talk and sing and whistle; one of the tunes being the popular Parrot whistling tune “Bridge over the river Kwai”.

He feels it is foolish to engage in debate over which method is more superior but rather with an open mind avail oneself to a wider range of knowledge that can be employed effectively in the training of the many different type of dogs. Whereas some Dog Trainers choose to debate whose/which method is more superior and oppose the other’s form of Training, Frankie’s philosophy is to adopt and adapt every idea that works. He finds this to be more fruitful and advantages because one does not need to be obstinate and be deprived of a wider range of techniques/methods at one’s disposal… because every dog is different. For him every Dog he trains is a study in itself; adopting the method that best suit the Dog’s personality and behavior problem and achieving rapid results without inflicting excessive compulsion unnecessarily.

Frankie loves animals and enjoys the challenges of dealing with the different breeds and overcoming the wide variety of Dog behavior problems. Dog owners who need help in dealing with their naughty dogs or are looking for a humane and scientific way to educate their Dog can contact him for a friendly discussion. Training will be tailored to the individual Dog’s personality and temperament.

  • Puppy Training Without Pain
  • Obedience Training (Basic To Advance)
  • Trialiers' (Competitors) Workshop – Obedience & Agility
  • Dog Tricks
  • Behaviour Modification

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